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 A (mostly) Unique Collection of Free Downloads 

 Here's some of my favorite Programs/Apps.  All downloads will open in a new window. All programs have been checked for viruses with the latest Norton AntiVirus defs.

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0 Brainwave Stimulator - Allows the user to experiment with brainwave stimulation. The user selects flashrate color, and pattern to induce alpha, theta, or delta brainwave stimulation - 492 KB
0 Ebook on the future - If the future is still a mystery to you, then you should read this ebook as it actually explains it. This is the most amazing book I have ever read and its free. Just read it because by the time you get to the end of it, even if you don't understand some of it, you will be a different person. Absolutely awesome. - 1 meg
0 Excel Magic Card Trick - A brilliant little card trick. Obviously you need MS Excel to run it - 68 KB
0 Fortune Teller - Reads Tarot  cards, the Crystal ball,  Love Stars,  Dice, Geomancy, Numerology,  Runes, Auras, & Palm Reader - 1,167 KB
0 Getright Download Monitor - Pause and Resume your downloads. Choose when you download things so you can select multiple choices. Searches for the fastest URL for speedy downloading.
0 Humor - 15 Texts - A collection of 15 humorous text files - e.g. The Best of Bumper Stickers - 78 KB.
0 I-Ching Card Reader - This is a really amazing I-Ching reader - Toss the coins and divine  future - 1,198 KB. Plus an IChing & Tarot Reader are available for a live free reading here.
0 I.Q. Test - Developed by psychologists, IQ Smarts from Mind Media not only measures your general IQ, but your common sense, book-smarts and creative thinking - 118 KB.
0 Javascripts Download Over 200 - A great collection of Javascripts to liven up any site - Cut and paste - Menu driven - Works on your hard drive - 544 KB - (Opens in new window).
0 Netmaster 99 - helps you improve the performance of your Internet connection, and modify hidden settings in Internet Explorer and Outlook Express. NetMaster helps you squeeze every ounce of bandwidth from your modem - 942 KB
0 Solkan Solitaire - Play 120 games of solitaire. Thousands more with custom setups. Many features including auto play, two deck sizes, with Hi-Score save. The best solitaire going - 231 KB
0 Sonique MP3 Player -  In case you haven't heard - Winamp is dead! - Sonique is much better and plays a lot better as a background task than Winamp - (Opens in a new window).
0 Southpark Fruit Machine - A really great kick ass fruit machine (Slots in the U.S.?), which saves hi-scores. You can also change and save over 50 .wav sound files. Sweet and addictive! - 1,413 KB.
0 The Complete Works of Shakespeare - Here we have an excellent set of (LARGE) text files detailing the COMPLETE works of Shakespeare. When I say, complete, I mean complete! :) All 41 of them - 1,846 KB.
0 Winboost 98 - Winboost 2000 - Both versions are special utilities designed to boost Windows 98/95 performance and productivity. Using easy to use graphical user interface you can configure hundreds hidden settings from Start Menu, Desktop, Windows Explorer, Internet Explorer, etc. 1,248  - 1,400 KB.
0 Winrar 2.6 - The latest and greatest version of the Windows archiver - (Opens in a new window).
0 WinZip 8.0 - The latest and greatest version of the 'other' Windows archiver - (Opens in a new window).
0 WinZip Self Extractor 2.2 Build 1110 - Builds self extracting .exe files from .zip files made by the above - (Opens in a new window).

 Anything else you want,  you'll find at one of the following sites:

- ZD Net Free Downloads - - - -

- Google Freeware Win95/98 - Google S/W Directory -



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