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40 Articles, 179 pages on Scorpio sign, scorpio horoscope, scorpio compatibility, scorpios, scorpio man &; scorpio woman

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Java Funstuff

0Age Checker - Age calculator - how many days, hours, seconds you've lived.
0Anfy Java - Some great examples of 3D Graphics.
0Biorhythm Calculator - Calculates you intellectual, physical and emotional rhythms.
0Day of the Week for any Date - Find what day of the week you were born on, your anniversary, etc.
0Famous Quotes - Famous quotations  in a clickable java window.
0Guitar Chord Chart - Generates a chart for given chords, showing where to put your fingers.
0Ideal Weight - Calculates your BMI -  Body Mass Index. Plus quick BMI.
0Javascripts Download Over 200 - A great collection of Javascripts to liven up any site - Cut and paste - Menu driven - Works on your hard drive - 544 KB - (Opens in new window).
0Java lake pictures - A lake applet gallery featuring anfy lake effects and another Java lake applet.
0Meta Tag Generator - Meta tag generator for title, keywords, description, author, robots, etc. of web pages. Essential for hits on search engines.
0Mind Reader - Asks a series of questions then guesses the answer..
0Moon Phase - Moon phase calculator - Shows you the moon's phase wherever you are in the world.
0Name Lovematch - Match your name to another to see if your a  love match.
0Past Life  - Novel Java applet - Who you were in your last past life.
0Percentage Calculator - Calculates the percentage of or from a value.
0Periodic Table - Periodic table of the elements and their symbols, boiling and freezing points.
0Temperature Converter - Celsius to Fahrenheit to Celsius.
0Typing Speed Test - Typing test - What's your WPM (word per minute) speed.
0Unit Converter - Converts any unit - Mass, Weight, Length, Pressure, Temperature, Velocity & Time.
0World Clocks - There are two clocks. the first shows the date and time in all 24 time zones. simultaneously. The 2nd - You can see the time in two of  255 selected cities. Ideal for world chats.
0World Population - People on earth - Running counter in real time.

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Java Links

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