Chakric Correspondences

In Sanskrit the word chakra literally means "wheel." In yogic philosophy this term refers to the psycho spiritual energy centers located along the length of the spine. There are literally thousands of chakras situated throughout the subtle body, but yogic philosophy normally stresses only seven or eight of these, illustrated below with their primary points and planetary associations.

(8) Sahasrara----The Transcendent, Inspiration
(7) AjnaSunActive Awareness, Higher Will
(6) ChandraMoonReflective Awareness, Memory
(5) VishuddaMercuryThinking, Communication
(4) AnahataVenusHarmony, Love
(3) ManipuraMars

Force, Strength, Control

(2) SvadisthanaJupiterExpansiveness, Emotionality
(1) MuladharaSaturnStructure, Limitation